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first montain RAW Shoot... C&C PLZ

basic jammer

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Dec 27, 2008
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South Africa
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first attempt.... never done raw before(I just converted to jpg with the standard canon software) , haven't been to a photography school, haven't been told what to do and not to do. basically, All my shots are on Instict :blushing:. Do you think I have something going or should i go to school?

Pointers are very much needed. Thanx
an hour without a response doesn't mean you should go to a photography school.
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not entirely sure I would have composed the image at an angle like you did there.
Hello jammer,

You have a good idea going in your photo. Your subject matter is wonderful, it is beautiful scenery. I know what you were tryin to do with the tilt, but I don't think it work very well in this one, the man needs to be completely in there (in my opinion).

Another thing is that the man is not in focus. Looks like you had some camera shake and nothing turned out tack sharp. I would use a tripod next time, actually I wouldn't figure a tripod would be necessary for this shot being that is is very bright and sunny. Or you can get lenses that have "Vibration Reduction" or some other variation of built-in stability.

Also, for this shot, I would have gotten closer to the ground and more behind the man to intensify that "man looking at the beautiful scenery" feeling you've got going on, while keeping that rock on top of the mountain in the background

And your second photo did not show up.

I hope this helps you a little, and remember this is just my opinion.
thanx for the info & critique, well taken. I was focusing on the top rock when i happened to spot my old man looking and so decided to include him in the pic. well
here's anada try.......
Hey Jammer! So i pre-apologise because my computer at work has blocked your pictures, however i can still give you some advice in regards to going to school because i was recently in the same boat as you.
If i were you i would take the next few months..years...what ever feels right to you and do your own personal research both with the information provided on the web/books/here!!/ and most imortantly with hands on experience! Because truth be told most people going into school usually have a good basic knowledge of photography, and i just feel the more you know going into school the more you can benefit when it comes learning techniques and terminology and such. Also i have noticed alot more people are getting into photography for both hoby and career, and classes fill up alot more quickly than in the past, so some schools might even reguire a portfolio just for applying (either way though its a good idea to be the top of your game and have one). Hope that all helps!

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