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Oct 5, 2008
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Duluth, MN
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Hey everyone, i'm looking for some C&C on one of the first actual night photos i've taken. I've only really shot the moon before, so this was a little tricky.

this was shot 20 seconds, at F/11, iso 100, with the self timer. Added white balance also, but that was all the editing.

Any suggestions/tips/criticism is welcome

Pretty nice. Nice curve right through the middle. It looks like perhaps your focus was a bit off -- the bridge looks blurry to me (the supports in the water, for example).
It's a nice shot. Personally I would crop off the top of the picture (above the bridge) and crop in a bit on the bridge and main roadway.
Thanks for the comments.. I think i'm going to have to just go back to the same spot and try again. I was really hoping to get some more traffic on each side, hopefully it will be busier next time.

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