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Sep 25, 2010
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This was taken in early spring. I have a pretty basic Canon digital.

It's a pretty dull photo. Composition and technicality-wise as well.

*It needs an up in contrast, not too much so that the yellow is so overwhelming.
*There's a white block in the background is pretty distracting and takes away from the photo further.

I understand you wanted to capture the water on the flower, but it's not really seen or strengthens the photo in any way.

This is your first photo, which means it's not always gonna be a keeper. Go out and shoot and try to see everyday things in a new way, explore angles, look at other photographers' work, read some photography books. Books aren't going to teach you how to take good photos but they can help you understand exposure and other things as a beginner.

Good luck
Thanks! I always thought color was better but now I am learning that's not always true.

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