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Nov 29, 2007
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What ive seen of digital camera's (at least the lower end ones ive used) when you take the picture there is a slight lag before the photo is actually taken. This obviously isn’t the case with normal 35mm cameras. Is this the case with the xti? or any higher end digital slr?
Its not the case, dslr's react just like slr's.
What has been said is correct, but it should be noted that if you don't pre-focus before you fully depress the shutter it will take the extra time to focus. Otherwise it is immediate, and there is no lag. :)
FWIW "lag" isn't just a digital thing... several 35mm autofocus point-&-shoots suffered from "lag" between pressing the button and capturing the image too.
Its not the case, dslr's react just like slr's.

The caveat is that it is true for all auto-focus cameras.
If you have an old school slr, such as a Nikon FM2, Pentax K1000 or a camera like the Olympus XA2, then there is no lag.

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