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First time with a "Model"


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Nov 12, 2009
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Christchurch, New Zealand
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Well not exactly a model - Just my 20 y/o sister Vanessa, who doesnt mind being in front of a camera!
This was a very "Spur of the moment" Thing, I just got home from a big day out as Official photgrapher and a dressage event, So after some 900 photos taken already that day, i get dragged into a photoshoot!
Heres the result, I know technically whats wrong with them, Nothing was working for me the light was fading, my cameras ISO peformance isnt too flash, and I was too lazy to bother taking my Tripod! (next time though for sure!) :lol:
but I'd love some C+C on my model (Her potential as a model?) and the poses etc and composition And anything else you might like to add - I wanna hear it so next time will be even better :D



Theres a few more id like to add, but just waiting for my photoediting program to stop freezing up!!
btw these are the copys off Facebook, so they might look a bit crappier than they actually are?
Holy noise in the first one. Noiseware Pro should take care of most of that. Not sure about the pose. It looks like she only has a torso.

I like the second one though. The color is nice and it's a very serene photo, although having her cross her ankles would have made it a little better.
I really like the b & w treatment of the first one. The noise actually works for me here since your model has a certain look that makes the photo appear like it could be from 30 years ago. The second one shares much of the same quality, and I like the colour treatment.
I personally like the 2nd one the most... it portrays a certain innocence... its different from the typical. I like the composition.... model is at thirds and how the the fallen tree bridge divides the space. I like the old fence in the background brings a bit of depth and pattern. I like how the age of the old fence and weathered old tree offset the model's youth. For some reason, I have identified youth with that tiny ankle bracelet.... which I think is a wonderful touch.

Some Suggestions...
* The aged photo process left the photo a little too orange. I think it would be nicer if it was closer to the 4th photo's aged look.
* The power line in the back ground. Should be easy enough to remove in post.
* A little underexposed... the white dress is sitting in midtone area.

It would be awesome if there just happens to be a little breeze to flow the hair....
First one is fine with the noise, IMO but she looks like she is only a head and torso.... bad position for a picture, have her lay more sideways to get her feet in the shot too
Yeah the noise is pretty intnese in thew first photo - But i almost like it :p :er:

Heres a couple more... Im not really crazy bout the first one...



The black leggings.. are....:meh:.. eh. Really unattractive.

I think she has quite a bit of potential as a model though. :thumbup:
Perhaps it's my lower head thinking.. but I definitely was looking for a story.. well I'm a guy and I definitely forgot what kind of forum I was on hahaha..

Happens.. :thumbup:
PerfectlyFlawed - I agree with you, Both Vanessa and I decided the black legging didnt look great! Hence why she took them off for the rest of the photos (Likle the bridge one)

usayit - Definatly agree with you about the PP in that 2nd one, once i compare itt to the 4th one, I can seeits orange sort of.
I Never saw the power line in the background! :lol: Best get rid of that I think!
Wind would be ideal! and the last week or so has been soo windy... Just not the day I decide to go take photos...:er: Typical! lol

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