First try at light painting

I was going for teleportation, 'Terminator' style.
I like it alot, but I get "exorcist" more than teleportation.

Either way, very cool!
I tied the flashlight to the handlebars with a string to make sure the distance stayed constant (more or less) to get a sphere.
Kinda creepy....=) Fun shot Josh!!
Thanks everyone! I'll probably try another one tonight.
I agree very cool Josh!
Very neat. Good idea with the string on the handlebars... Maybe if you try it again, you can find the mid-point of the bike frame and attach the string there. It would probably give a more uniform distance around the bike, as the back tires are very close to the edge, and the handlebars are very far (relatively).

Are the thicker, softer lines from where the flashlight hit the wall?

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