First try with a dark portrait


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Nov 25, 2007
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Raleigh, NC
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Just tried this and was really excited about how it came out. I randomly got the idea of bouncing my 430ex off the floor for a portrait so I gave it a shot and this is what came out. I'll probably try more in the future with different people, more interesting surroundings, etc.
You think so? Haha, I kinda thought it made it a little cooler. Oh well, to each his own. Wasn't much I could really do about it.
i like the shadow. in fact, i wish there were more shadows and that the overall image was darker.
I was trying to figure out ways to make the background darker but still keeping myself pretty bright, next time I'll try it with all the lights off.
Try fashioning a snoot for your flash. Basically get a cereal box or something such as, cut to suit to fit around your flash, length to be determined. This will help to spotlight you.

The above image is not "dark" BTW. Check out Chiller's post if you want dark.

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