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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by osirus, Oct 29, 2008.

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    im about to get an nikon sb 800 flash soon ( i was told it may be a bday present from everyone :mrgreen: )
    and ive been looking at getting one for a bit now anyways, i need one as ive been asked to shoot 3 peoples weddings.in the next 6-10 months.

    I have a Nikon D50 for the time being..( will get myself a D700within the next year or so, just need the $$$..)
    some questions about using the flash wirelessly.
    now the d50 dosent have the built in commander mode.
    how i read you can still trigger the Sb800 wirelessly using the built in D50 flash as you can set it to an optical slave mode where any flash will set it off.
    it will just be in manual mode
    now. how well will this work?
    does it trigger the sb800 fast enough?
    i mean when i press the shutter on the d50 and it takes the pic and fires the on board flash.. then that flash triggers the sb800.. will all that happen quick enough? or will the sb800 fire after the d50s shutter is already closed?

    also i read something someone said that if you get a cheaper flash like a Nikon sb20 ect flash, that will comunicate with the sb800? true?
    The way it was posted it sounded like that if you had the sb20 on the camera,it would comunicate with the Sb800 that was wireless.
    but i wasnt to sure about that..
    think maybe they meant the other way around.. if the sb800 is on the camera, it will comunicate with the sb20 thats wireless ( that makes more sense to me as the sb800 is the one with a commander mode right?)

    any good sites to learn about flash stuff?
    I know of strobist. any others?


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    Buy some cactus v2 triggers (Gadget Infinity) from eBay. The D50 has an electronic shutter so it will actually sync up to 1000s with off camera flash.

    www.strobist.com is the best off camera flash site.
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    Actually, it should sync up to the fastest maximum shutter speed.

    OP - The speed of light is kind of fast. It will work.

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