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Jun 2, 2013
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i have a 2 flash set up, the first one is triggered by a radio,the other one is a slave manual flash triggered by the first one.when the first one fires, the second one also fires.my problem is they are not synchronize.the second one dont have any effect on the image.any info?
Need specifics as to which camera, flash units and trigger you are using. Also what mode the radio triggered flash is in.

Without knowing any of that a good guess would be your master flash fired by the wireless remote is in an auto mode so it fires a preflash that sets off the slave too early. Set that flash to manual mode still firing it with your wireless trigger and see what happens.
I have to agree with Tony. Based on your description of the problem, it sounds like the first flash may be using a pre-flash (common for TTL flash metering). The pre-flash triggers the slave flash too early, and it can't fire again when the actual flash fires (when the shutter is open).
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Both of you are right.im using i ttl mode on the first flash and full manual on the 2nd one.i therefore conclude that you cant mix that two types of mode on two light set up.thank you very much for the info.you're a big help.

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