Flowers & Sky....1st post w/ photoshop...


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Jan 3, 2008
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This is my first post with a photo that i photoshopped. Nothing fancy but just practicing. Please tell me what you think.

Thanks for looking.

1. Original

2. Playing with Hue/Saturation

3. Lightend
Another one hooked on Photoshop now! :D You will learn how to use it better and better. I still remember my first tentative steps into PS vividly. It intimidated me to no end and I thought I'd never learn what it is all about.

You did nicely. I think my favourite version is Photo 2. I like the strong colours. Where are there all those many flowers at this time of the year??? In Kansas??? NOW? Can't be, can it?
Thanks LaFoto! Trust me, I thought it was going to be far more complicated than it is. And it did make the pix look better.

This was last summer I believe at the lake. I wish it was summer time!
Oh, I do, too. So also I posted a summer photo today, just to fight the dreariness of an all grey (and all snowfree but certainly not rain-free!) winter...
oh yeah! i saw your post but i was in a rush early and didn't comment. :blushing:
Looks good, definitely not overdone like a lot of beginners. Just for fun I ran the shadow highlight tool on it, did some blurred screen layers and erased back to the bottom layer a bit. Now this is a bit much, but intended to show the creative potential.. Oh and some unsharp mask was in there too:


-Shea :mrgreen:
ooooh! I like it alot Ls3D!

I'll get there someday....

oh and thanks.

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