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Jul 19, 2007
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Here they are -- taken at 400mm, f5.6 shutter speed 1/250 ISO 100. If anone is interested there is some sort of lunar eclipse taking place tonight at 9:30 - I live in Pennsylvania and saw it on our local weather channel. Not sure if I'm going to try for it or not. These looked good on my PC, lets hope photo bucket didn't ruin them.




It's generally poor form to double-post the same thing in different forums. Perhaps a moderator can merge them. I replied to your other one, but in case people use this one, here are my comments:

I think both are over-exposed. Also, it looks like there's a fair amount of color noise for using ISO 100. Knowing nothing about the Sony camera line, this could be simply due to your sensor. I would suggest not blowing them up so much (if you did so) or decreasing the resolution (as in, in post-processing, reduce the size to something like 50%). This will - in the case of 50% size - effectively average together 4 pixels (2x2) into 1, helping to reduce the color noise. This will also help it look a little sharper.
The noise is probably from post processing more than the sensor. If these were shot in raw and you used the Sony software to convert them than try turning off the D range optimizer. I posted similar shots the other day and when doing the conversion I noticed the same noise ring around the moon when I used the D Range optimizer.
What lens did you shoot these with?
I shot this pic of the moon two nights ago with my Sony a200, using a Minolta 100-300mm. I set my camera at 1/100, f16, 100 ISO.

Alex: --I shot them with a Tamaron 400mm lens, using settings suggested to me by board members . I found ISO 100, and a shutter speed of 1/250th , ap 5.6 worked the best. The ones I shot with a faster shutter speed or slower had an un realistic dark yellow appearance.

Astrostu - I apologize for the double post. I just felt my other post on the beginner board got lost in the muddle of moon shots in the mullti page thread I was directed to "join" by Samal, so I posted the other message on the general gallery forum thinking I'd get better viewing time. Sorry if I did something wrong.

The ring that someone mentioned around the moon was actually there - it was a semi cloudy night in my area and the moon had a ring of haze around it.

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