FNL - week 5

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    It was a tough night for me and the home team. It was homecoming and there was a film crew there filming footage for a documentary. Home team lost 25-22 and they struggled as much as I did. I missed a few of the key downs and the lighting was killing me. (Even with a 70-200mm f/2.8 this week.)

    Processed in LR using the Auto WB and Auto Basic tab. Added sharpening, and noise reduction, lens correction and that is it.

    1) Pre-game, waiting for the coin toss.

    unnamed (3).jpg

    2) Getting ready to take the field.

    unnamed (4).jpg

    3) Helping the ref signal the turn-over.

    unnamed (5).jpg

    4) Making the tackle.


    5) Trying to get to the corner.

    unnamed (2).jpg

    6) Back-up QB getting his chance.

    unnamed (1).jpg


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