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May 4, 2006
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Southern California
Hello all,

I recently started having focusing problems with my Sigma 70-300 DL macro super. It's the lens that came with my camera and it's driving me batty. When I use it on the macro setting it makes a strange "I'm struggling to focus but can't" sort of noise. It used to just snap into focus. I've had the lens for a year and this just started happening recently. I tried to search the threads for an answer but couldn't find any. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help ;)

are you sure that you arent too close to the subject, or close than the minimum focus distance? it will just focus on and on if you are. that might be the problem...also make sure that you're focusing on something high-contrast, as the lens won't be able to find an edge to focus on otherwise. does it only do that in macro mode?
Yup. It seems to only do it in macro mode. I know I'm not too close because I can focus it manually. But you're right- it makes the same sort of noise it would if I were too close. When it does it I try to focus on other stuff that should be easy for it to focus on. It just won't focus on anything at all. (Though not for lack of trying.)Thanks for responding so quickly!:)
I have the same lens and learned from the start that it only works manually when in the macro setting, so you find me very surprised at your describing you worked it on Auto Focus for a year! :shock:
When I switch my Sigma 70-300 DL Macro Super into macro mode, I also HAVE to go into manual focussing! Always. Forever (and this is my second lens of the kind, the first becoming quite unreliable after a time).
Wow that's strange. I'll have to try and find the instruction manual and see if that's normal. I assumed it wasn't since it's never done it before!

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