Foggy North Rim


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Aug 22, 2008
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Central Virginia
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Taken as a storm was passing

nice shot but it would be better if you are going to make the picture clear..
Not sure I'm too fond of bushes coming into your frame from left AND right, maybe compose this a wee bit differently, with only the bush on the left forming your foreground might have made this a better photo...
I think its really cool how each successive layer of cliffs descends further into fog. It looks like a painting. It would look Fully like a painting if the bushes were not there, but it is a great effect none-the-less.
This is a very nice composition (except for the bushes -- as others have said), and the cliffs and fog add a good sense of distance.

The color balance seems a little off -- there is a definite blue/purple cast to everything. In addition, the sky looks blown out (which may be hard to avoid -- although some careful underexposing or a GND filter might help).

I would also love to see this image a bit sharper.
Except that it seems a bit out of focus, I like this shot..

I also like the bushes and think that you could have pulled out more and had more of each tree in the frame to give perspective and anchor the foreground...DOF would be important to keep the foreground trees sharp and the canyon too.

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