For Those unsure - Check out Feature Rich LR3

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    I am far from an expert on editing. But, I know when I find features easy to understand and practice with.

    Here is a 32 minute video preview of some new "editing" features (and other LR features) now available in LR3. Actually this video shows the new changes, not all of the features available.
    I find it incredible and easy to use.
    Yes there are features that PS has that LR does not, but it is still a wonderful program.

    X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Cameo in Adobe Lightroom 3 Video! | X-Rite Photo Blog

    When you open this link, click on the Julieanne Kost video.

    For all of the loyal PS folks out there, this is not an attack on PS, it is a way for a new editing person to show others that LR3 is feature rich and not just a photo organizer.


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