Forbidden Door


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May 11, 2006
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took these today, i started to explose little citys around town, i came across this , looked abandon, no tresspassing signs around, but they looked old, i went in the lot, and started to take pics, while taking some pics a camera made noise and i look, it was looking at me, 2 cameras on the top of the building :lol:, at that point i said iam leaving, got this pics, like it also, nt sure which way i like it the best enjoy,



Somehow this make me wish you had decided in favour of a vertical frame instead of this horizontal one, so we would be able to see the entire door - while I think that the part of the wall on the right and the trees on the left are not so important for the photo and could well have been left out.
To me, the important parts are the door (like I said: would wish for the entire door), the window next to it and the piping from the roof.

Now with regards to your different versions... Hmmm :scratch: ... ok: selective colouring is just fun here and was done for "play", I should guess. Now out of the pure colour and pure b+w pics ... the given photo is stronger in b+w, I think. The green of the trees in the colour version makes it look sweeter than I guess the area and building actually were. Though I do like to see the rusty parts as rusty parts and not as dirty parts (and find that it is hard to distinguish between rusty and dirty in the pure b+w version)... Tough question.
ya after i noticed cameras following my move i didnt want to be there much longer, i had plans to take more pics of the area, maybe i will go back there another day, i was kinda scard ****less at the time, maybe i will go back with a buddy, when i was editing it i wanted jus the door, and i also thought a vertial pic would be much stronger, but didnt take one, so no idea b/w or color, i really like color due to the rust, but bw is also nice
I like the b/w one the best
but i have to agree with LaFota
a vertical frame would have been better
but i understand u were scared haha
These are nice.. I like the color, but also like the B&W for different reasons... The door is only half there and I keeping trying to look down to see the entire door framing and its not there.. IF you make it back Id love to see this again with FULL door :)

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