Friend needs votes to win a paid for wedding!

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    Their names are Becky and Ethan

    Here is their story:

    More than anything, I know the power of the internet that could potentially help them out. You see, they had it pretty rough for kind of a long time - without going into too many details, life has thrown some big wrenches at them. Right now she's a stay-at-home single mother, struggling to keep everything going while staying positive. She's been in love with a great guy for a long time, when they met in early high school. He moved, they kept in touch, and then he came back a year ago. They found a house they can afford, moved in, and want to make everything official by getting married. However, finances aren't allowing them to make that move.

    That's where this post comes in. A local radio station, KDWB, has a contest each year: Based on votes, one couple will get a free wedding from Chapel of Love and The Mall of America. When I did figure it was real, I immediately made this post, will make more on other sites, and tell as many people by word of mouth. My friend's family means everything to him and he wants her to have this very bad. It would mean so much to them - and his entire family - if they were picked as #1 and got the grand prize.

    If you'd like to see pics, read more, or just get a better idea of who his sister and her fiance are, go to


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