From Man Nipples to Falcons!: American River III!


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Nov 14, 2006
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I haven't had anytime to do anything with a camera recently (what with school and losing 3 years worth of photos), so I decided to force myself up and out Sunday morning to the river:

No clue what kind of bird this is. Someone says Falcon. We'll go with that. I actually BARELY saw the guy; I was walking back to my motorcycle, chimpin' some of the shots, and I hear a noise up ahead. I don't have my glasses on, and all I can see is someone taking off their shirt, and two nipples. I immediately put my glasses on and am horrified that its a man in his early-40's - an ugly man at that. I avert my head to hide my shame and there the bird was - life gives you lemons, make lemon juice to burn the image of exposed-man-tits out of your eyes.

Red robin? - If someone knows let me know, publication around here that likes to know what kind of animals are seen on the refugees around here.

This duck, or whatever, swam all the way up to me, and I was getting him just right, decided he wanted to fly off. Idiot!

Some very green foilage. Alot of these plants I was bummed about, because I didn't bring my macro lens with me, and the bugs were being VERY cooperative. Oh well:

I think that your falcon is a young red tailed hawk. The smaller bird appears to be a purple finch.
Shot 4 is great :) Just after take-off. Same with the duck flying away. So easy to compare them with planes taking off. OK so you didnt get the duck shot you wanted, but what came out was just as good and more unique. Red bird definately isnt a robin, but it looks amazing nonetheless.
nice acurate capture on the flying birds, i've never gotten a flying bird crisp and sharp in my life

but did you do further sharpening in post processing? its probably a bit too much the edges appeared to be propping out

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