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Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by benpsut, Jul 11, 2008.

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    I have here a Quantaray 55-200mm telephoto lens for sale. It's for Canon mounts (Currently mounted on my XTi). It's in GREAT condition and is great for anyone on a tight budget who's just starting out upgrading their equipment, which used to be me :). Now that I'm getting serious I want to start trading in/cashing out on this lens for a macro lens. I LOVE macro, it's all I do, but my kit lens and this lens just doesn't quite cut it. I hate to put this on ebay, although I use ebay a lot, I trust you guys more than I do ebay. If you want to check me out though my name is hungrydude5 to check my feedback and such. It came with a hood but I can't seem to find it, I'm gonna go on a search frenzy for it :) lol. Caps on both ends, no scratces dents or anything. Great condition. Asking 175 for it plus whatever shipping is. PM me!



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