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    Cokin “A” Series 67mm square filters (“A” size is for lenses with diameters up to 62mm)

    Cokin filters are made of high quality of optical material considered today as being part of the most advance technologies (extra light weight, highly resistant to shocks, excellent optical transmission, high compatibility to coloring etc.).
    Cokin site: COKIN Creative System - The Holder System - Standard & Pro Holder
    I have gone full frame and all my new lenses are 67mm+. Now I need the P size so, my A size filters are up for sale.
    I have 9 Cokin A series filters in a Cokin Storage Box.

    B&H prices are in parenthesis for reference.
    These 9 filters total to over $200.00

    Included are:
    • A164 Circular Polarizer Glass Filter (37.99)
    • A091 d1 Dreams 1 Resin Filter (32.99)
    • A123 Blue Graduated B2 Resin Filter (21.99)
    • A057 Star 4 - Filter - star effect (cross screen) (21.99)
    • A056 Effect (8 Point) Resin Filter (21.89)
    • A198 Sunset 2 Resin Filter (22.19)
    • A083/830 Diffuser 1 Effect Resin Filter (21.89)
    • A061 Incolor 2 Center Spot Resin Filter (16.49)
    • A345 Double Mask 2 A+B filters (20.89)

    All filters are used but in at least Excellent condition (some EX+). None have any defects that should affect picture quality. Well beyond the intended effects they are designed to provide [​IMG]

    I don’t want to bother selling and shipping them individually so they are all are yours for:
    Now reduced to $39.99 shipped and paid via PayPal CONUSA ONLY


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