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FS: Grass Valley 6x LDX86 XS Super Slow-Mo Camera Bundle


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Oct 11, 2017
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Up for sale is a Grass Valley 6x LDX86 XS Super Slow-Mo Camera Bundle.
Everything works perfectly well as it has always been properly handled and maintained professionally.

More about the Bundle:

Type: Camera, screen, controller
Brand: Grass Valley

Included in bundle:

Grass Valley LDX86 XS 6x Super Slow-mo Camera
Grass Valley LDK 464 01001
Grass Valley XCU XtremeSpeed XF Fibre
Grass Valley Eyecatcher EC744
Grass Valley Eyecatcher EC270.

I'm selling because family needs comes first but I'm glad this would find a new home.

This bundle is in excellent working condition with no faults, damage or repair to it as it functions properly well as it should.

The asking Price for it is USD$27,500 OBO

Stored with absolute care with no issues at all with this piece as it runs and functions properly as it should.

If you are interested in the bundle please feel free to send me a message
allsales at protonmail dot com

Thanks for looking!!!


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