FS: Lighting Gear (SB-28's, Vivitar 283, Quantum QB1+'s)

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by BirdyIsMe, Mar 13, 2010.

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    I am changing up my lighting set-up, so I have some stuff for sale. I'm not sure what to ask, so feel free to send over offers on all of it or some of it. I will be posting photos either tonight or tomorrow.

    2 Quantum QB1+ Battery Packs

    These both work great. I am not including a charger, as I am going to keep one battery pack (I have a total of three), and will need a charger for it. Radio Shack or eBay should make grabbing a charger a non-issue. These both include shoulder straps (which I use to wrap it on a light stand), and are in good, used condition. Here they are on B&H.

    2 Nikon SB-28 Flashes

    These both work great. They aren't beautiful, by any means, but they function perfectly. One of them has a broken foot. $8 to get a new foot on eBay, but I've been lazy.

    1 Vivitar 283 Flash
    After trying to figure out whether or not this thing works, I just can't figure it out. Sometimes it fires up using the cable to connect it to the QB1+ packs, and sometimes it doesn't. I've never used it on a shoot, for what it's worth. Good shape, signs of wear. Sold 100% as-is.

    1 Quantum MKZ3 Cable for SB-28
    This is the cable for using the SB-28's with the QB1+ packs. Good condition, and works great. Check it out on B&H before photos are posted.

    1 Quantum MA2 Cable for Vivitar 283

    I don't know if this cable works or not. If it does work, it's inconsistent when used with my (possibly functional) Vivitar 283, and I don't have another compatible unit to test it with. Anyway, here it is on B&H. Sold 100% as-is.


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