FS Nikon AF-ED 180mm f/2.8


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Jun 7, 2012
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The title pretty much speaks for itself. up for sale is my Nikon AF 180mm f/2.8 lens.
this is a great lens, and takes sharp pictures even wide open. Selling it to finance a UWA lens.
I consider this a bargain grade lens. it has some minor scratches on the front element, and some internal dust, neither of which affect picture quality or show up in pictures. If you have seen any of my dog park threads, many of those pictures were taken with this lens and my old D200.

This lens works great on the D200/D300 and D7100. However, it does NOT work on the D90. I called Nikon about this and all they could tell me is that it is not on the D90's compatibility list nor is it on the D90's non-compatible list. Asking $300 shipped to CON-US and Alaska. (can work something out for Canada). Paypal is my preferred method of payment, but other arrangements can be made.
Feel free to PM with any questions, concerns, or offers.

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still bumpin...
open to offers.
also looking for a nikon 60mm 2.8D macro lens.
Doesn't work on the D90? Meaning that it doesn't focus? Or doesn't work at all?
Doesn't work on the D90? Meaning that it doesn't focus? Or doesn't work at all?

Gives me fee error. (communication error)
Works fine on d200, d300,d7100.
Just not the d90.
Nikon cant even tell me why.
No other issues with the lens on other cameras, and no issues with any other lens on the d90.
Is the front all scratched up or dirty?

Front element has some scratches, as mentioned in the original post... As well as some minor internal dust. Also mentioned in original post. Has not affected image quality, and pictures taken with this lens can be seen in the link to my dog park thread, which i also may have mentioned as reason for listing this lens as bargain grade. Lens operates perfectly, except Aparantly on a d90.

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