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Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by MadisonWI, Jul 14, 2009.

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    Selling my F100 with MB-15 Grip.

    Body is in great shape, BUT has a few issues: (1). The AF point selector dial occasionally won't register presses to its right hand side. Other times, it works fine. (2). The Drive Mode selected on the dial doesn't always correspond to the actual drive mode the camera is in. Example - you may select "Continuous" mode on the dial, but the camera will actually be in "Self Timer" mode. Once you find the right mode (with a few seconds of trial and error) it stays in the mode you select properly. I never switch drive modes or focus points much, so wasn't a huge deal to me... could be for you depending on how you shoot.

    The MB-15 is in beautiful shape, and seems to function perfectly. It barely looks like it was used. Comes with original box and all original papers.

    PM with offers, please! Paypal payment, or possibly open to trades involving fast, prime Nikon lenses (IE 35mm 1.8!)

    (I can send pics when I get home later if interested...)



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