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Jul 30, 2009
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I have a almost new Genesis speedlight for sale. I had a SB-600 up but with the cosmetic imperfections it doesnt seem likely to sell so I am putting up this Genesis light.

"The Genesis Speedlight SP692 is a pro-level flash that can be used in TTL Autoflash, Manual and Multi (Stroboscopic) modes. In wireless mode, it can be used as a master or as a slave unit up to 33' with other Nikon or Genesis speedlights, which can be set to four different channels and divided into three groups, each capable of different flash modes and output levels.

The SP692 features an impressive Guide Number of 50 m/164 ft. (at ISO 100 at 180mm focal length) with 22 levels of output adjustments (1/1 to 1/128th) in full- or 1/3-stop increments. It also allows for exposure compensation from -3 to +3. Recycling times are from 2 seconds (with AA Ni-Mh batteries) to 5 seconds (with AA alkalines) with flash duration times from 1/800 to 1/20,000 sec. However, in Multi (Stroboscopic) mode it is capable of firing repeatedly during a single exposure creating multiple exposure effects. A thermal cut-out feature offers protection against overheating.

Other features include power-zoom function that automatically adjusts the zoom position to match the lens focal length between 24mm and 180mm. For additional lighting control, the SP692 features a tilting and rotating head that offers vertical rotation from -7° to 90° and horizontal rotation from 0° to 270°. A built-in bounce card and wide panel provide extra light control in special situations. An AF assist beam emitter will help your camera focus in low-light situations. Another advanced feature is the SP692’s front-curtain/rear-curtain sync options, which allow you to produce special effects when shooting moving subjects.

All controls are conveniently located on the rear of the flash, with a bright LCD panel that provides all critical information, shooting modes and settings. The SP692 is powered by four AA-size batteries (sold separately) and will accept an external power source or a PC sync cord. A power-saving feature shuts the unit off after three minutes. It measures 7.75 x 3 x 2.3" and weighs 15.2 oz."

It comes in the box with the case and instruction booklet just like it did from the factory. It works great and is very powerful.

Bought for $270, asking $240
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