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    (My wife really wants the extra bags out of my office, so I'm adjusting prices to keep the lecturing on the state of my office to a minimum)

    For Sale: Think Tank Airport Addicted Backpack - Original - PRICE DROP $175

    The closet cleaning in the 'office space' (it would be office space if I could get it a bit more cleaned up and apparently 30+ bags just take up a a lot of space)...so with a heavy heart I am selling my long time travel companion, my original Think Tank Airport Addicted Backpack.

    As I no longer travel with the heavy loads of gear I once did, this bag now sadly sits dormant under my desk waiting for new adventures. In one year alone my Airport Addicted was my wandering companion for more than 300,000 miles of flying throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. The Airport Addicted backpack is one of only two soft-sided bags I fully trust to be 'valet checked' at the stairs of small regional jets and turbo props. After hundreds of valet checks (nearly every single trip I take both starts and ends on a turbo prop or regional jet) I never had a single piece of equipment packed in my Airport Addicted damaged (I always remove the laptop from the bag!)

    My Airport Addicted is in excellent condition. There is some odd unexplained cosmetic stain inside an interior pocket (which I provide a photo of in the image gallery), but aside from that the bag is in fantastic shape and the included laptop sleeve is pretty close to new. The condition of my bag is a true testament to the design and durability of this bag.

    The current Airpot Addicted version of this backpack has a street price of US$329, so I'm selling mine for US$175. This price includes PayPal fees and CONUS shipping.

    You can view a complete gallery of 16 images of this bag, included four of it full loaded, here SportsShooter.com - Special Gallery

    Any questions? Drop me an e-mail at fish@flyingwithfish.com


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