FS (US): Canon G9.

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    FS (US): Canon G9. Purchased new a few months ago at Best Buy. Bought as a backup to my 40D but rarely used. Perfect condition with original packaging, warranty card, instruction booklets, 4GB Sandisk, extra battery, charger and unused original strap. No scratches on LCD or camera body. Great camera with 6x optical, image stabilized zoom and the ability to shoot in RAW mode.
    The package with the extra battery and 4GB disk was around $575.

    Rob Sacco
    Orlando, FL

    I sell high end watches (Rolex, Panerai, etc.) on other boards with many references. Member of NAWCC & IWJG. You can check Watchnet.com in the “Good Guys” section for references…or I can send you some.


    If the camera is not as described it can be shipped back the day after received for a refund (less shipping/insurance).

    PRICE..........$365 (USD) shipped in CONUS



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