Getting An amazing Photo Like this portrait ?


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Feb 15, 2012
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Hello Everyone, I'm still new here,
But Hoping i'll no longer be a noob member,

I don't know if this is the right section for it,

But I need to ask this question ! I've been looking for an answer a long time ago

Getting a Photo like this, what will it take ?

[deleted picture] 0 by Kira!

This is a piece from one of my favorite photographers, it's not mine

But I still can't achieve these results ?

Which time of the day ? and how can I add this dramatic lighting of the sun ?

This is taken with 50mm , but how can it be really sharp and have good colors like this :( ?

I tried :( but still not getting these kind of results , and calm Sun effect ?
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First, follow the forum rules about posting work that isn't yours. (i.e., you don't post it)

Second, I don't see this as 'an amazing portrait'. I see it as a well exposed and composed candid snapshot.
Sun behind the subject, F2.8. Expose for the face. Shoot late evening, natural light. He is quite a ways from the background.
Pretty basic shot.
In processing probably needed a black level adjustment, this type of shot tends to wash out a bit.
I agree with Sparky... 100%!
I agree with Sparky... 100%!

There isn't anything special really done there. The sun is where it is and the photographer used it. Positioning of the subject is important. Exposing properly for the subject is REALLY important. The sun will do the rest.
Long lens, wide open, lens hood.
Same way you get to Broadway: Practice.

I'd advise against posting pictures that aren't yours, we had somebody post a harmless thread a while back where some extremely anal retentive members slammed him despite him posting in big bold letters that the pictures were not his, so it will happen.
Here are the TPF rules/regs - Photography Forum & Digital Photography Forum FAQ

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I'm sorry Guys =\
I didn't know I wasn't supposed to put pictures,
His name is mentioned on the picture, and I did not steal this from him =\

I'm still a beginner but didn't expect that much aggressive feedback.
I deleted the picture, and I'm sorry for disturbance :S

thanks anyway for those who helped out
He gets the point, that happens a lot.

Welcome to the forum
I don't see a link to see what you were referring to, but here's a link to some fantastic portraits for inspiration. - Portrait

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