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Getting it's own back!


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Aug 16, 2006
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Ely England
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I have posted many pictures of Ely Cathedral taken from my house over the years and this week I was persuaded to climb the West Tower with my grandchildren again after a lapse of about 20 years! Now at 75, a few stone heavier and as my son pointed out to the guide a lifetime pipe smoke and enjoying a regular cooked breakfast after climbing 288 irregular stone steps to a height of 262 feet, I was not out of breath!


The Lightroom Dehaze function worked well, cutting through the mist to our village about 2miles accross the Fen. We are dead centre to the right of a yellow track.


The Sigma 18-250mm working well from this crop fron one of the four frames of the first pano.


Looking down on the Bishops House


The central Octagon tower which is lit at night.

The original Norman tower collapsed in the 1300's and was rebuilt going one arch back giving the eight sides. The top section is cantalevered in and consists of eight oaks. One is hollowed out with a ladder to reach the roof. I have been up over 30 yrs ago when I was a lot slimmer!
Great set, I'm almost 70 and would not climb 288 steps :bouncingsmileys:

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