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Go for a spin.......


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Jun 19, 2009
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In your dreams!
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How is the B&W conversion on this? :thumbdown::thumbup:
love the pic i like how some random swirls are in focus its very interesting
It looks pretty good...as OrionsByte suggested, a touch more contrast might help it...you could mess around with the curves and see how it looks with slightly differing treatments in post. I do like the photo, but I think a little bit more breathing room at the top and at the sides and bottom would strengthen the photo. It is however, an interesting abstract. Is that some type of seed pod?? I've never seen anything quite like that!
Imo bring the whites up a little more and you are good. As of now (to me) it is muddy.
I find this one boring. It doesn't do anything for me in B&W but it may not do much more in color. Who knows?

However, I love how the focus confuses me. As taters said, it looks like the focus is random... If messing with my mind was your goal, you did good. :thumbup:

Here I bumped it up.

Cloud..........I don't know if I would of said confusion but I did want you to spin....lol If you look at the right side of the image there is a spot that is in focus towards the middle. I was hoping that from there you would see the focused area above it and make your way around the shot......kinda spinning.:lol:

But if I had to explain all of that then maybe I did not get what I wanted out of it.

And yes it's a seed pod of some sort.
Well, you got me spinning, lol. And in that sense the shot works. But there is something about it that doesn't for me. Not sure what but it just doesn't.

And as I've told you before, I'm just one person.
I made you feel something so in a way that is a win....lol

I might post a color version tomorrow and see what people think.:sexywink:

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