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Godox TT685II c Help


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Feb 9, 2023
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I ordered a Godox TT685II c for my camera. I had no clue it was a 'C' version...my mistake. It does flash when I have the camera on auto mode, but not on any other setting. I have an event tomorrow night and I need to get this thing working. Is the problem that the 'C' type won't work with my Nikon or is it user error, or both? Please advise. I am totally new to using an external flash and don't want to screw up this shoot. Camera: Nikon D7500
The problem is that C standards for Canon. You needed a Godox TT685II N and the N stands for Nikon. As to how a C type will perform on a Nikon? I will probably work as a manual but TTL auto is probably out of the question. You say that it will fire when the camera is in AUTO MODE. What do the exposures look like?

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