Godox V350 vs V860II and some flash questions!

Discussion in 'Lighting and Hardware' started by Timppa, Jun 3, 2019.

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    I have a big dilemma and some questions,
    I am buying my first flash, and after lots of research I figured these 2 models are my favorite.

    Li-ion battery, it does make the product more expensive then its AA battery equivalent, but lasts longer, no hassle, faster.
    Guide No: 36 (this is already better then the Nikon SB-700!)
    only 290gr (same weight like the SB-500)
    Zoom from 24mm-105mm (will be 16-70mm on my DX, I am mostly planning to use the Sigma 18-35mm or Nikon 16-80)
    I find it in my country for the price of €180

    Guide No: 60 (better than the expensive SB-5000)
    heavy and bulky with 540g
    Zoom from 20-200mm
    Price for €200
    Bigger flash head, so better light distribution, correct?

    The dilemma: Prices are close to each other, too close, it makes me doubt.
    I feel like getting the small and compact V350, but for only €20 more I get so much more power and zoom range.

    Few questions:
    Do I need all of the power of the V860II? I generally will use it indoors for family get-together's or for baby pictures. Of course occasionally a bigger church event might occur, with high ceilings.
    Is the weight and big flash really a hassle? I was holding a sb-700 in a store, it was rather ok, but it was without batteries and smaller than this one.
    So in other question, will the V350 be more then enough for my use?
    I might get a Tamron 90mm Macro in the future, Do I have to worry I might not be able to use the flash if I opt for the V350? because zoom range on DX only goes to 70mm). Or same questions works If I would ever use a 105mm 1:8mm portrait lens...well... probably not.
    I read that using the bounce card + diffuser also directs the light rather nice, is this a good option to use in case of high ceilings?
    Does anyone knows some good video with information about when to use direct light, bouncing of the ceiling, diffuser, bounce card or combinations of all of this? I find many things on youtube, but never really decent comparisons, mostly videos about people aiming to get views....

    Anyway, I wrote a lot,
    Thank you in advance for your help :)
    (Ps. It would be nice if event-photographers could reply with whenever they use a full power flash, just to know how many times it is really needed to get so much light)


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