Good light today


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Aug 5, 2010
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Lancashire UK
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Great Harwood Lancashire UK
I'll bet you never get tired of that view. Nice captures.
Thanks glad you like it, you have some nice countryside in Canada
Yeh to true, i have lived in OZ and NZ and been to many countries around the world including Canada Vancouver and always seem to end up back home
I think I like the second one because I'm not sure about the heavy, dark trees in the first one. Are you using any filters on the sky, I'm not sure if it from compression for the web, but you can see some significant banding from the sun on the right to the blue on the left. I agree, looks like a beautiful area.
I like the second one better, too, as I'm not too fond of the placement of the horizon line in the first, it is so very much dividing the photo into two halves. I prefer the higher horizon and inclusion of more of that lush green countryside (I'm a sucker for that kind of green, which may well be news to most of you on here!?!?!? ;) ;) ;) ).

Reminds me of these_photos of mine... England, too, of course!
No i didn,t use any filters just manual with auto white balance and hi auto iso

Thanks for comments Vaughan
can i ask what settings you used? normally on my shots like these my sky comes blown. is this more than one shot?
Hi, its just one shot, the settings i used was manual, auto white balance, and HI auto ISO
i am still learning myself only been doing it for 18 months good luck

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