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Ben Chau

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Jan 31, 2009
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I need some help, im in the market to get a good tripod. Nothing like a $200+ tripod but around the price of $130ish a little more or less is fine.

Ive been looking at Manfrottos & Slik, but i need more like a good review. Don't wanna spend money on something that will suck.

But ive been doing HDR pictures lately and i really need a sturdy tripod thats also good in the horizontal position.

Help me make a choice!!
What camera body and lens are you using?
Yeah I've got a similar set-up for digital (in terms of weight), Nikon D80 and the 18-135 kit lens and the Bogen/Manfrotto 055XPROB legs combined with the 488RC2 head works pretty damn well for me. It won't hold up for heavy lenses but when all you have is light stuff, it's nice and solid. Altogether it's about $270 or so but it's been worth it for me, the 190 legs mentioned above are apparently an OK alternative.
I just picked up a Slik 700DX for $150 and it is a monster. Able to support 8lbs, which is perfect for my body with grip attached.
I've used Manfrotto legs for years and love them. I've also had many different heads, and that's a matter of budget and comfort level. After many different pan and tilt heads with three handles, etc., I finally went for a ball head and won't ever go back. I've got a Markins ballhead, which I believe you can only get in the US through It's expensive, though. The Manfrotto/Bogen heads might work pretty well for less money.
The 190xprob is rated for 11 pounds, and an entry level head (486rc2) is rated for 13 pounds. Usually enough to get you by. The 055 is one of the most sturdy consumer tripods Manfrotto makes, with a weight rating of 15 pounds, and a slightly higher head, such as the 488rc2, which is rated for around 17 pounds. That combo can easily handle heavier lenses such as a 70-200 2.8, or a canon 100-400, etc.
On the cheaper end I'm liking my Zeikos - for $39 it feels like my Sunpack although better built. My Gitzo cost a bit more, but it's overkill most of the time. For the last month I've been reviewing almost everything I buy - if you care to read a more in-depth review.
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