"Groundbreaking" new printer just released by Hewlett Packard

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by LynnFairchild, Jul 27, 2005.

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    Jul 27, 2005
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    Hi, does anyone have any opinions on this new printer just put out by Hewlett Packard?

    It has a unique nozel cofiguration. It's being touted as "groundbreaking."

    I don't think that's hyperbole as the nozzle set-up is rather unique and unorthodox.

    I would really value the opinions of all the technically astute people on this board, as I'm just now starting to get into digital photography. This printer is brand new, and has not yet garnered any user reviews. So for those of you who are inclined to rendering an opinion, it might just be a little like reading into a crystal ball. I should and will thank you for your courage.

    Being new to photography, I really can't specify my needs. For now, all I can say is I hope to buy a printer that I can "grow into."

    Thank you so much.

    Now here's the printer I'm referring to:



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    Hi Lynn

    This isn't going to be of any technical help, but...

    I have just got the HP Photosmart 8150 and am happy with what I want it to do for me. It has various buttons and dials and can print from the computer, memory card or Pictbridge camera. You can crop, rotate and remove red-eye directly from the printer. You can also set the page format (one A4 page with border? Without border? Two shots to a page? Or maybe 4?)

    I've always been interested in photography but have recently started to take it a bit more seriously and, like you, have no idea what my printing needs will be in, say, six months from now.
    The likelihood of me using the red-eye reduction and other features directly on the printer are remote tbh, I have good old Photoshop for that.

    So my immediate 'wants' were speed and quality and my immediate contraints were budget - I hate spending lots of money when you can pretty much guarantee there will be bigger and better and cheaper models out next week :lol:

    The other questions I asked myself were what and whom do I want to print for? Pictures primarily and myself and family were the answers to that one. And how big? Well up to A4 because if I wanted to print bigger than that then I'd outsource it, so I don't envisage needing an A3 printer.

    If I get to where I want to be with photographic work then I would outsource printing for clients - I feel it would be easier, cheaper and offer more flexibility than me doing it myself at home. If I wanted to be a printer then I'd go into the printing industry ;)

    I've looked at the spec' of the 8250 it's not that much more than the 8150. The other thing to bear in mind is the cost of replacement cartridges - the 8250 has seperate cartidges for the main colours; the 8150 has a tri-colour cartridge, a dedicated black one, a dedicated grey one and a dedicated photo cartridge.

    I hope someone can answer the technical side of your question Lynn - this was how I decided which printer to get without being able to specify my future printing needs.

    Hope that helps.....somehow.

    Sarah :mrgreen:

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