Gular Fluttering

Joel Bolden

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Sep 2, 2020
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Stormstown, Pennsylvania
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In order to cool off a number of birds engage in gular fluttering, which is drawing air rapidly in/out of the throat tissues(gular). Notice the distended throat on this Great Blue Heron. They also droop their wings to aid in the cooling.
gular fluttering.jpg
Aye, I've seen our Grey Herons here doing that.

I think that would have been a better pic if the subject was in the same position but on the left of the frame looking into it instead of out and watch the nipped off toes and stuff.

That said the exposure looks fine and the detail on the bird is pretty good. Nice one.
Nice capture. I have a pic somewhere of one doing that wing thing with sunlight directly on it but without researching the reason why they do it I assumed it was a method of drying off. What you explained makes perfect sense, thanks for the info.
Nice shot. I knew why they were doing it, just not the correct term. Thanks for that.

I have numerous shots of related birds doing this. Recently got a close up of a GBH from the front.

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