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Ha! got that little sucker!


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Oct 29, 2013
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swamps of texas
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(filed under the heading of what you do in the gray winter doldrums)
Ha! the rebel of the litter finally goofed...I have waited for 2-3 weeks to get one of these critters up on the rock in the bird bath thingy. Noticed him when I went to the kitchen. snuck back past the patio doors, got to the back room, found the camera, changed lens, fast snuck back to the dining room stubbing my toes on the way. Got over behind the curtains, poked the camera around got it focused and two clicks. Then he darted off knowing he had been paparazzied!
(note the white backs of his ears.)

Love your story behind the shot. Hilarious. well except for the stubbing toes part! Great shot. I've never seen one with white ears.
Nice! I'm surprised that you have to sneak around. The squirrels that come to my yard won't leave, even when I'm trying to shoo them away. Brazen little buggers.
Good grab.

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