Harbour Lights


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May 27, 2007
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What a beautiful view. I love it, you captured everything, the bridge the cityscape, the opera house and the water. I love this shot
Great shot with a wonderful 'artificial - surreal' feel. Congratulations. How much PP?
A difficult shot where your skyline is pretty close to spot on but your bridge is too dark by at least a stop, perhaps a stop and a half. GO back and reshoot (if possible) and do three exposures and blends between the three. I would make one exposure for the foreground left, one for the bridge and one for the skyline. Use your current setting for the skyline but give up a 1/3 stop either in aperture or shutter.

There's too much light dominance and not enough shadow detail. This is sort of a general idea but by no means where it needs to be finished.

Thanks for the suggestions ceeboy.
fotofinish, very little PP, I've found that film doesn't really like processing. I don't know if that's film in general or just the low res scans I've been getting.
You have to scan film at hi res...I used to scan in the range of 1200 dpi minimum for film but honestly haven't in a few years. Not a bad shot for film. Too bad you aren't doing the darkroom work then you could burn and dodge as needed. Still could stand a little more detail in the shadows. Perhaps shoot a 1/3 to 1/2 stop open.

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