Hard Day's Work


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Dec 23, 2007
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Wow, where was this taken?

Nice work! I like the sepia tone quite a bit.
this was taken in Hyderabad, India....

put in a lot of processing.. to get the tone right....:wink:
Awesome shot! It looks as if it was almost taken 80 years ago.
These guys toil hard all day in breaking down the huge mass of rock and stone - total manual labor - no huge machinery or explosives allowed 'cos its a purely residential area... one of the most expensive and exclusive in the country!!

I have seen this going on for more than a year and half now... its still a work in progress... all this for less than $5 a day!
not a happy thing... with more than 300 million people living on less than $1 a day, somethings better than nothing!

here's another pic in a different tone - want to bring out the depressing nature and the pain and blood in all this...


sorry if I went a lil overboard with my emotions...
I feel for the Indian work force...and people in the US think they have it tough.

The ship breaking yards are insane too, I couldn't imagine...

Fantastic shot, thanks for sharing!

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