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Feb 18, 2013
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Springfield Va.
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Taken at a local coffee shop, this setting was just begging to be photographed.

I think it needs a bit of something, perhaps on the table, to give it some focus.

HHmmm I see what you mean... something like a folded up newspaper, book or burning cigar?
Yes, anything appropriate that would imply the human presence and allow the viewer to build a story..
You've got an enclosure marked by the back of the chairs outlined by the very symmetrical pattern of the backs against the window, which is kind of de-centred by including the strip down the right hand side. You let the viewer move around the back of the wooden chair.
If you don't allow enough room (for the viewer to move behind it) and keep the light to the centre you can't help noticing the empty table.
yeah, if I had control I would have removed the chair and stool as well as moved the leather chairs around. However, since this was a coffee shop, I was hesitant to just start moving things around. Love the comments and feedback, still good to learn composition.
For the reshoot:

I'm a big believer that the viewer gets unconscious hints from the picture.
So when a piece of the ostensibly important part gets clipped - and there was room to include it - the unconscious signal is that this is less important than one might think.
After all, the photographer chose to clip a piece off and so something else might be the really important subject.
So I would try not to clip off the edge of that big chair.
So we would end up with a small crappy straight back chair, facing away from the camera and clipped off at the bottom, facing the two big, oviously more important leather chairs.
Perhaps all that is a silly construct in my mind but.....

So what does it look like without the chair - at work with only the mouse and laptop but this will give us an idea. I still prefer it without the chair.....

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