haying in a field with a mountain in the background.


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Oct 16, 2012
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Eh...man. You could do better. Much better.
Well if we don't try we don't learn.
Is it the washed out sky effect ?

OMG...shoot me...I'm thinking just like Gary!

This has a sort of "bad lens, 1970's B&W drugstore print" look to it. A lot of the photos I took in the mid-1970's using old junky cameras with poor lenses with bad coatings and drugstore processed looked like this. The key I think is the pollution of the shadows with very slight veiling glare from the poorly-coaterd 1950's lenses on my old Kodak and Argus C-3. You can see what I'm talking about in the shadow side of the tractor and it's rear wheel--the blacks look what is called "polluted" with spill-over from the brighter areas. The long tonal range with flat,closely-spaced, kind of muddy tones looks a lot like average drugstore machine-printed B&W processing from the mid-1970's, so yes, this does have kind of a vintage effect for me.

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