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Jan 18, 2009
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Galloway/Columbus Ohio
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I know it's not the best "landscape" to be photographing, but I was out taking pictures of the rainbow and decided what the heck. I took a picture of the front of the house and the flag pole.

I have 2 different programs to use for HDR post processing and I always get a different outcome with each. I'm really not sure which looks better. I know one is more "normal" and the other is a little dramatic. I always tend to be on the dramatic side in processing for some reason. I don't know...it's just more appealing to me. I understand some like dramatic and some like it to be more natural looking. So, I'm torn.

I just thought I would get everyone's opinions and thoughts.




You have a flag pole in your front yard?

Never seen that outside of American Dad
Doesn't matter what our opinions are. I like realistic HDRs (light smoothing maxed, luminosity way down, etc.) but what matters is what you want.
Re the flagpole, I like both versions actually, though I would tilt the pic slightly to the right because to my eyes it's not straight :)

Re the driveway, I like the first one much better, I think that "style" suits that particular picture better, but as is often the case, esp with HDR, opinions will vary from person to person.

I'd also be interested to know which programs you use for HDR :) And if they were multiple RAWs or multiple versions of single RAWs.
Hi Kim - I prefer the second version of both your subjects from a HDR processing perspective simply because they look much softer. Again, HDR is highly subjective and people opinions vary hugely. That's my two-pence worth.

A small note on the first pic - the horizon could be straightened up to improve the composition a little. It's leaning a little too far to the left.

Hope this helps,

PS - Also curious on the programs you used for both.
You have a flag pole in your front yard?

Never seen that outside of American Dad

:lmao:Come to think of it,Isnt that the house out of american dad.

Nice sries of hdrs.I have to agree with fox paw I like the natural hdr effect and you seem to have captured that well though the light is a little harsh on these shots maybe you could worl on that.
i like 1 and 3.
did you use a single bracketed shot or multiple shots with manual exposures? the flag looks like it was in different positions in each exposure
I don't know what "American Dad" is, assuming a movie, but every house around me has a flag pole with a flag waving. Not a flag attached to the porch, or a flag only flown on Memorial Day or Independence Day, but an actual flag pole such as in the photo above and also waving a flag on a daily basis.
i have a flagpole out the front of my house too... the only difference is that the flag is a picture of my face... call me conceited or whatever but i rule!!!!
My opinion: The dramatic processing works for the first one while the other one for the second: so for me 1 and 3... but maybe some one else see different, this why you've done well putting both

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