HDR of a Tree


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Jun 6, 2006
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I didnt mean to do this either... just pulled the camera up and took a photo, and it was way too over exsposed, so i actually looked at the light meter on the camera.. for once, and took the one i wanted, then thought why not do a dark one, i can try a HDR later.
I know you should use a tripod etc, but like i say wasnt intending on keeping the HDR, as i didnt think it would work. But, having said that, i quite like it... so what do you think, any comments, more on processes. Or tips.
How did you manage to get an HDR? Did photoshop just align them perfectly on its own? I never tried it, cause I always use a tripod for HDR...but it always says "aligning based on content" or whatever...so I guess it worked?

I think it's a tad too bright...but it's not bad.
yeah there was a branch top left corner that kinda came out 3 times.. but yeah otherwise, it was all the programs doing...
yeah it is a tad bright and nothing against the photo but its just not something that you would take for an hdr. maybe if the sun was setting behind it or something but the whole point of an hdr is to capture the entire dynamic range of the scene that is limited by the camera so. its a good shot thought and its good for no tripod

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