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Apr 17, 2009
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Aurora, Colorado
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Hi, my name is Kristina and i just posted my intro in the main forum, so I won't go into all of that!

I have a Canon Rebel XS that I just picked up a couple weeks ago after using a canon powershot for a few years. So far, I love it! I haven't a clue what i'm doing with it, but when i figure it out, it's like Christmas all over!

I just figured out the shutterspeed, I didn't understand the numbers until I read a post on here which explained it very well, I believe it was bjork---- that posted it.

here are a couple pics that I've taken and edited using Picasa and Photoshop Elements 6.

My youngest for Easter this year

Newborn Pic

And my oldest - he hates taking pictures so i have to sneak them, lol!

I really love B/W but know that I can't do everything in it. So i'm starting to dabble with saturation but always seem to get really orange tints with it. There are a few "styles" that I like the most that I just haven't figured out how to get yet.

Anywho, feel free to critique, I know the bunny one i hacked up alot in PS but I've recently figured out editing is easier when you use a good backdrop.. instead of the couch, ha!

What a cutie! I wanted to let you know that I think the middle picture is great. I love doing newborn pics & showing how tiny they are. I really like your avatar too.

The first pic looks slightly out of focus or is that from the compression? The third pic - I like the composition of it. His face seems too dark. I know you had to "sneak" the shot (I have a daughter like that), but in the perfect world where he would pose for you I would have him turn his head a little more or shoot so that the shadow isn't on his face. Even having him look off the other way would have worked better.

Over all, I think you did a great job!
First is the best IMO. I love the selective coloring and the baby's expression.

The third one seems over exposed on he shorts, shoe, and the log he's sitting on.

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