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Jul 6, 2013
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My name is Patrick, I am english but been living in Finland for the past 6 years. I have been into astronomy for many years and this year decided I would get a dslr for connecting to my telescope for taking pictures of the sun mainly. But I have found myself getting quite into photography now which is how I ended up here as I am a complete beginner looking for all the tips and tricks I can find to bring my pictures to life. I have the nikon d5100 with the 18-55 lens. I will most likely buy the nikon 55-300mm next week. I am on quite a tight budget and that seems great value for only 230 euro. It was either that or tamron 70-300mm for 140 euro.
Welcome to the site.
Welcome, border-buddy! :p
Hello and welcome to the forum Patrick!
Thank you. This forum is so amazing cant get away from here, Full of so much useful advice and hints to really help me grow in this hobby.

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