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    Hi all. After 5 years of providing part time professional wedding and portrait photography services I have thrown in the towel to spend more quality time with my young family.

    When I first started my photography business I was using a Nikon F100 with 24-120mm lens, and a Mamiya 645 super with AE prism - both fantastic cameras in their own right, the metering of the Mamiya was superb.

    Anyway as time went by my clients were asking for on line albums, quick turnaround of proofs and on line print purchasing so, to keep my clients happy and keep up with the competition I made a big finanical commitment and went digital - firstly running 2 Canon EOS 10d, but then moved onto a D2x, and also a D200 with 2.8 lenses. To be honest I preferred the D200 as it was lighter to carry around for 12 hours a day!

    Last year I started to get a bit annoyed with the constant pressure to turn images around quickly, I seemed to be spending more time on the PC and less in the field taking pics! Dont get me wrong when you run a business you have to work hard for the client, which I did, but the new digital workflow rate was just hectic and wasnt something I particulary enjoyed!

    I also got very frustrated with the constantly changing line up of digital cameras - I lost buckets of cash on the D2x - all in the space of 18 months due to other lessers models comming out with better specs etc. I guess that the price to pay for progress!

    I am a huge Nikon fan, but when I closed the business my plans were very clear, to drop digital and go back to the format which ignited my interest in photography - yes, film photography.

    I am now (thanks to fleabay) the pround owner of a mint OM2n, and a worn but useable OM1 (both black) lenses are 28mm 3.5, 50mm 1.4 and 100mm 2.8. I'm running Neopan 400cn through these - opening a film cannister for the first time in 5 years was a sureal experience - but highly enjoyable!

    I have also purchased a slightly battered Bronica SQ with plain prism and 80mm lens - I love the square format and find it quite easy to switch over between 35mm and 6x6" format. This will be fed provia 400 as I love the compromise between colours, detail and grain.

    I cant wait to hit the local streets with my OM system, and will be walking Snowdonia soon to flex the Bronicas shutter!

    The only digital camera in the house now is my wifes canon sx200 - I wont be using this though !




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