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Jul 8, 2013
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Victoria, Texas
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Hello all, I came across the forum because I was looking to expand my knowledge on my Nikon D3000. For the last year all I have done with the camera is use the auto settings. And would love to learn more in depth features from this camera!
I enjoy taking pictures of just about anything. I spend a lot of time at the park taking wildlife shots and of course pictures of the grand kids.
thank you; Thomas
Welcome to the forum Thomas
there is a lot to learn here.
Welcome aboard.

I'd suggest that you not look for (or even think about) things that are specific to your camera. A camera is just a tool and the basics of photography haven't changed in 100 years. Learn about 'exposure'....shutter speed, aperture & ISO.
Welcome to the site.

Just a few searches and you'll find all kinds of information. I agree with Big Mike, don't just look for information solely about your camera. (You can and should read the manual for that, even multiple times.)
I have read Nikon for dummies, good read. About to read it again. there is so much info there most was way over my head.
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Hello and welcome to the forum Thomas!
Welcome to the site.
Welcome Aboard Fellow Texan!

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