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Apr 27, 2009
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My name is Steven Taylor. I am currently a student at International Business College. I am attending Graphic Design and plan on going to another college after schooling here and get a degree in photography. While I'm writing here..I might as well as the question that I have to start out with now...
I own a FujiFilm A850...I'm trying to take 300 or higher DPI photo's but i can't figure it out. I can take photos the size at 45 inches by 35 inches...but they are at 72 dpi...If anyone can help me that would be wonderful.
Hi Steven, and welcome to TPF!

(People may not think to check the welcomes and intro subforum for a question such as yours....so you might want to try posting it in one of the subforums where people will be more apt to see it)
Okay wasnt for sure..been on a lot of gaming Forums but not one like this before.. Thank you
Welcome to the forum.

A degree in photography after graphic design? It's your choice of course, but i've heard from many photographers that you can learn more in a couple months in the real world than you do in 'photography school'.

As for your PPI question. (note I say Pixels Per Inch, not Dots Per Inch). It's simply a number that tells the computer how large to display the image on screen. You can change the PPI from 72 to 300 (without re-sampling) and it won't change the actual image at all. Just the size of it on the screen.

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