Help choosing a nice, inexpensive camera?


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Apr 11, 2009
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I adore taking photos, and I'm looking for a nice camera within the 100-200 dollar range. I was considering the Fujifilm Finepix S1000fd, but it is an auto-focus intead of a a manual focus. Should I just stick with it, or are there any better options out there? I want a camera with a high MP count and a lot of zoom too.

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Most cameras nowadays will give you a manual focus option. I have a Casio Exilim that gives me different focus options including manual, but it doesn't allow me to change aperture or shutter speed, only ISO. Those things are way more important to have so you can change your exposures, rather than just the focus.
Canon Powershot SX110IS. all sorts of settings, ISO is good up to 400 or so... anything higher and you get a lot of noise.3 focusing options (auto, manual, and macro) fully adjustable aperture (f/stop) and shutter speed. 10X optical zoom and 4X digital, which would mean a total of 40X zoom, digital gets kind of shaky tho just FYI. really versatile camera with plenty of adjustments. its a 9mp and takes some AMAZING pictures

Seriously, at that price level your better of getting something like a Pentax Me Super, couple of lenses, and having fun with film. More fun and better image quality than any 100-200 Digital cam.
Just a thought, but why not take your $200 and then save another $200 or so and buy a D40? I think in some instances you are better off spending just a little more on the equipment that you plan to use for years and years to come.

Again, just a thought.
The quality of the sensor matters at least as much as the quality of the lens. They usually go hand in hand and if you care a minimum for your photography you should make a little effort and raise the bar of your budget. You may end up with a camera that meets all your needs and beyond and that you may keep an extra few years without any frustration.
You could also go used/ebay looking for Canon G5, G6, or G7, or A (X)00 series. Panasonic Lumixes LX2 (used) and LX3 are remarkable little tools.

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