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Apr 29, 2010
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I have been asked by the local photog club to organize a few meetups for beginners interested in learning their camera functions and getting familiar with the studio.

I would like a catchy sentence that deals with photography, something like
"You need to shoot wide open with a low f-stop to get a great DOF and proper exposure. Your highlights are all blown and faces underexposed"

but better!

I'm still a beginner myself so I am trying to come up with something but need a few more heads!
Well first of all there is a difference in great DOF and proper exposure. they can go together or be separate issues.

So, I am having trouble figuring out what your trying to say to be able to assist.
You're right, "You need to shoot wide open with a low f-stop to get a great DOF and proper exposure." wouldn't be good, because it's isn't close to being true.

"Learn about low ISO, or how to turn down the volume on noise."

"The camera Users Manual, the key to unlocking the functions of YOUR camera, so you can make great photos."

"The exposure triad, as simple as 1 (shutter speed), 2 (aperture), 3 (ISO)."

"P mode doesn't really mean 'professional', and 9 other photography myths."
"Using an SLR camera without learning about manual exposure control or inverse relationships is like going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and not using the cutlery. They'll both get the job done, but most people won't want to look." - Steve Kristof
I know it is not true, but I am trying to use the terms in a sentence! lol
It is harder then you think!
How about something to introduce them to the "proper exposure triangle?"
What are your keywords and what is your main topic? Are you looking for a heading / title for a particular session? IMO, it should be succinct to get the point across. Run on sentences tend to lose their impact. As mentioned, your first go at it is flubbed up factually.
How about something like

"Photo kindergarten: Learning your numbers in shutter speed, aperture, and ISO will make you a wise photographer"
only teach what you are knowledgeable of, sounds like you should be flowing with what to say rather than not know what to teach the excited pupils that expect an expert . Just my two cents :wink:
"You don't want your camera to blow-up, come learn the do's and don'ts"
"Don't PP all over your photo, let me do it for you in front of an audience,...Tuesday's at 7:00"
I'm not teaching it.
I'm just promoting and trying to get people to attend.

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